Capital Bible Church 
Capital Bible Church currently supports ten missionaries.
We keep in touch with them through letters, emails, and personal visits when possible. In doing so, we not only help to meet their financial needs, but also to provide prayer support, encouragement, and share the news of their work with our congregation.

Our missionaries serve in diverse fields and countries: from right here in the greater Harrisburg area to countries such as India, Romania, and England.

Encounter Revival Ministries
ERM has a goal to influence the world with the truths of God's Word, by calling the lost to Christ and believers to walk in obedience to the Scriptures through practical bible teaching, discipleship of young adults, music, God-honoring, uplifting, extended local church ministries, printed materials, Christian school chapels, foreign missions service, conferences and retreats, and summer camp for juniors and teens. Mailing Address: 2200 Blue Mt. Parkway, Harrisburg, PA 17112
Mt. Lou San Bible Camp
Located at 2200 Blue Mountain Parkway, Harrisburg, PA.
Visit their website for more information!
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Pete & Julie Heisey Missionaries serving in Romania
Mailing Address: Str. IonSirbu (Migdalului) Nr 12, Timisoara 1900, Romania
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Christopher & Rambai Boda The Banjara Tribal Ministries in India. Go to their website: and read about who these extraordinary people are. Their website has many pictures, newsletters, and information about their mission and what is happening within the Banjara Tribal Ministries. Here is an excerpt from their webpage: "The Banjara Tribal Ministries is a very unique, one of a kind ministry in India working exclusively to reach the millions of Banjara Tribal Gypsies. The population of Banjara in India is 35 millions who speaks in one language. The Banjara Tribe is one of the least evangelized and least helped people groups in the world. Adult illiteracy is at staggering 90% among our people. Most Banjaras live in unimaginable poverty either in remote rural village or city slums. They are regarded in their culture as much lower than animals and are considered as dung, scum, or garbage. In fact, the name given to them is untouchables. Thousands are slaves to land owners and factory owners. Even though slavery has been illegal for over 30 years they are still practicing it some money, even their new born babies which has become a great issues in our state of Andhra Pradesh. It is among this very culture in these exact conditions. God chose, called, raised up and equipped two very special Banjara people to help and reach their very own Tribal group, They are Rev. Christopher Boda and Mrs Rambai Boda."
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Alan Harris Ministries Alan has been a full-time, traveling evangelist since 1982. He is a powerful preacher and gifted Gospel singer.
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Samantha Knaub Kwathu Free Haven Community School

Started and directed by Samantha Knaub

Kwathu Free Haven Community School is a private, non-profit learning center geared towards providing an education, spiritual foundation, nourishment, love, emotional support, and individualized attention free of charge for the vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia.