Sunday Services  - Family Worship Hour - Believer's Baptism!

February 9, 2020

"Believer's Baptism Symbolizes What?"

Romans 6:1-5


Upcoming Events

Sunday services - Adult Bible Fellowship Class & Sunday School - 9:20 am; 

 Praise & Worship/Bible Preaching Service - 10:30 am . If you need baptism please contact Pastor Bill to get on the schedule as soon as possible. 

AWANA Kids Program -  6:30 pm. All boys & girls  3 years old through 6th grade

Pastor's Bible Study - Wed. Nites, 6:30 pm  - Bible study, Apostle Paul's 2nd letter to Corinth, chapter 5.  When a Christian dies, do they go straight to heaven? 

Sr. Bible Study this week (Thursdays, 1:00 pm . New study book "Spirit-Controlled Temperament" by Dr. Tim LaHaye, chapter 3, Rocky Choleric this week. all seniors are welcome.  Our group facilitators are Dr. Bob Matsko and Pastor Bill)

Women’s Fellowship - All Ladies welcome to attend - Next meeting March 14, 11:30 am. Come for some food and fellowship. Hope to see you there!  


7900 Capital Dr., Harrisburg, PA 17112

Phone: 717-545-1132


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