November 15 " Jesus Prays for You and Me" Notes Video

November 8, 2020 "Jesus Prays for His Disciples" Notes Video

November 1, 2020 "Jesus Prays for Himself" Notes Video

October 25, 2020 "Communion - Fellowship" Notes Video

October 18, 2020 "Who is Your God?" Notes Video

August 23, 2020 "Living for Others" Notes Video

August 16, 2020 "Rejected or Accepted?" Notes  Video

August 9, 2020 "Why Trust in God?" Notes Video

July 26, 2020 "God's Design for Disruptions" Part 2 Notes  Video

July 19, 2020 "God's Design for Disruptions" Notes Video

July 5, 2020 "Will God Bless America?" NotesVideo

 June 28, 2020 "Rest in the Lord" Notes Video

June 21, 2020 "Hope in God's Supply" Notes Video

June 14, 2020 "Hope in Life's Storms" Notes Video

June 7, 2020 "Hope Lost and Found" Notes Video

May 31, 2020 "Hope for Uncertain Times" Notes Video

May 24, 2020 "Our Steadfast Hope" Notes Video

May 17, 2020 "Maximize Your Faith" Notes Video

May 10, 2020 "Rejoicing in Faith" Notes Video

May 3, 2020 "The Shield of Faith" Notes Video

April 26, 2020 "Standing in Faith" Notes Video

April 19, 2020 " Trails Build Faith" Notes Video

April 12, 2020 "Faith is the Victory" Notes Video

April 5, 2020 "What is Faith" Notes Video

8-Mar-20 "Go Out so they Come In" <Notes> <Video>

1-Mar-20 "Fishing for Men" <Notes> <Video>

23-Feb-20 "Overcoming Obstacles" <Notes> <Video>

16-Feb-20 "Believers Baptism Symbolizes What" <Notes> <Video>

9-Feb-20 "Inseparable Love" <Notes> <Video>

2-Feb-20 "Facing the Unknown with Confidence Pt. 2" <Notes> <Video>

26-Jan-20 "Facing the Unknown with Confidence Pt. 1" <Notes> <Video>

19-Jan-20 "Why Human Life Matters to God" <Notes> <Video>

12-Jan-20 "The Whole Story in One Version Pt. 2" <Notes> <Video>

5-Jan-20 "The Whole Story in One Version Pt. 1" <Notes> <Video>


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